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My Husband Snores and I Can’t Sleep – What Can I Do?

Does Your Night Look Like This?

My husband snores and i cant sleep

My husband snores and I can’t sleep! Thats an all too common complaint that we receive here at our St Louis location form a loved one. Its been sucha common complaint that we have also written another article titled Snoring and Sleep Apnea: Impact on Spouse or Bed Partner.  “Laugh and the world laughs with you. Snore and You Sleep Alone”. Although the author is unknown, most likely it was a quote from a sleep deprived bed partner.

Its truly amazing how one can almost register on the Richter Scale when it comes to snoring and they can be completely unaware of their intensity of the snore. Not only can the loud snoring be indicative of a more serious condition Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), but it effects the quality of sleep of the loved one as well.

We discussed Quality vs Quantity of Sleep in a previous article. The sleep fragmentation that occurs with the bed partner can be just as significant as those with the condition themselves. We have an unofficial diagnosis for those suffering from this “second hand” sleep fragmentation…The Spousal Arousal Syndrome. Its for this reason that we have provided some tips on how to convince your loved one to get evaluated for a sleep study.

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Tips To Convince Your Husband To Get His Snoring Treated


  • What’s In It for Me (WIFM):

    I can appreciate that this is easier said than done. But if you approach the loud snorer with the benefits of eliminating their snoring like:

    • Having energy to play with the kids in the morning
    • Waking up feeling better than when you went to bed
    • Increased mood, less irritable and grumpy
    • Ability to focus and concentrate
    • Increased libido

  • Video-Audio Tape: 

    This is the way that I was brought to the awareness of my condition. Even though I would sit and watch patients night after night struggling to breath, it wasn’t until I saw myself laying there gasping for breath that I could appreciate the significance of my condition. Quite frankly it scared me to the point I couldn’t wait to get diagnosed and treated.


  • Circumstantial:

    Explain to your bed partner that I cant sleep with your snoring and that you feel just as bad nudging them all night long because of their snoring. I know it can be tough, but compassion can sometimes go a long ways.

    When hunting season comes along try to get their hunting buddy to chime in on their snoring. It can be annoying but yet effective when their buddy tells them that they wont go hunting with them until they get their snoring under wraps….whatever it takes, right?

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