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How To Stop Snoring – The Ultimate Checklist

It’s all too easy to treat snoring as a silly annoyance. After all, if you’ve tried to catch some sleep at night only to be interrupted by your husband (or wife) doing their best impersonation of a buzzasaw at night, you know it’s a funny story. But snoring is more dangerous than it sounds. Snoring is like a little collapse of the trachea that deprives the body of oxygen and puts you at risk for all kinds of nasty diseases.

For some people, snoring becomes such a constant problem that they seek out drastic solutions. If you’re suffering with snoring and you’ve considered talking to your doctor about surgery, rest assured you aren’t the first or last. But surgery comes with its own hassles – it’s expensive, it’s as dangerous as any other invasive surgery, and the technology is still being developed. For those and a handful of other reasons, you should read about these other, simpler methods to stop your snoring, then look into physical products like mouthguards, and then, if everything else fails, consider surgery as a last resort.

A Proper Diet

Let’s start with one of the easiest matters to fix – what are you eating and drinking before bed? There’s a reason why professional singers rarely get into trouble with snoring – they stay away from diary products, chocolate, caffeine, and TV dinners. Coffee can dehydrate you and make it tougher to breathe.

Relaxants like alcohol and sleeping pills might seem to make breathing easier, but the fact is, your muscles have to work at night too – especially the ones in your throat. When they’re relaxed at night, they vibrate more easily, creating really loud snoring.

Are You In Shape?

You don’t need to be Charles Atlas to stop breathing problems, but remember that obesity can put a serious strain on your efforts to breathe at night. Make this one of the many, many reasons you need to lose weight and get in decent physical condition. If you want, you can start warming up your throat – spend time speaking or singing. Even doing something as minute as putting a pen or your own finger for a few minutes will have a drastic impact.

How Are You Sleeping?

Sleeping with too many pillows under your head can actually increase your snoring problem. Remember, you’re altering the natural position and angle of your trachea when you do stuff like this – and that comes with consequences! Move that pillow from your neck to the small of your back. You’ll improve your sleeping posture. You can also try putting a sock under your throat. Wild sleepers will have drastic problems with this, but everyone dealing with snoring should try it out.

Is The Room Humid?

An excess amount of humidity in the room can really make night breathing tough. Dry air can cause congested nasal passages, and that can make for some “buzzsaw breathing”, especially during the summer. If you live in a warm area of the country, consider investing in a humidifier.

This simple checklist should inspire you with the easiest, fastest, least expensive ways to cut your snoring down.

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