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How Your Smart Phone Is Messing With Your Complexion

Smart phones can cause acne in the “phone zone” (our chin, cheeks and temples). So if you use your smartphone

Charles FB – Are You and Your Wife Forced to Sleep In Separate Bedrooms Because of Snoring?

Men: If You’re Tired of Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms Because of Your Snoring You are Definitely Going to Want to

Doctors Outraged- How a Rogue Russian Sleep Scientist Discovered the Perfect Cure for Snoring With No Surgery and No CPAP Machine

Men! Imagine hearing the words “I can’t take your snoring anymore!” from your beautiful lady at home… I’ve heard those words

It’s Never Been Easier to Lose Weight: Stop Snoring, Improve Your Sleep, and Watch the Pounds Melt Away Like Butter

Finally, You Actually Can Lose That Extra Weight without crazy diet pills, long workouts, or doing anything that could harm

Want to Stop Snoring? Here’s What Works and What Doesn’t

Long considered little more than a nuisance, snoring is no longer something to ignore — to the delight of frustrated

Do You Snore? How Sleep Apnea Can Hurt Your Heart and Shorten Your Lifespan

If you suffer from untreated sleep apnea, a momentary stop of breathing occurring repeatedly while you sleep, you could be causing

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